A common question I am asked at conferences and workshops by participants is “How do I stop someone from bullying in my workplace?”

The short answer is that you need to tell the person they are using bullying type behaviours. It is highly unlikely they will have their own epiphany!

Many people who use bullying type behaviours are often unaware of their behaviours and the impact that they are having on those around them. This may be the result of them having learnt their behaviours as children, which they refined in the school playgrounds. They were told to stop those behaviours; and ultimately they bring them into the workplace.

Alternatively, it may be the result of organisational expectations and culture. Some employers still believe treating employees “mean” will keep them focused on, and delivering, results!

If you witness workplace bullying to make it stop you have to hold a conversation with them. Saying that is easier said than done because most of us naturally shy away from potential conflict and difficult conversations. But you will get a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

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