What employee characteristics does your company need to be successful? Is emotional intelligence on your list of required capabilities?

Emotional intelligence is linked to both our individual success and that of our workplace. As emotionally intelligent employees, whether leader or team member, we are able to facilitate effective companies, quality services, successful recruitment and employee retention, and commitment, morale and health.

However, a recent European study indicates that workplace bullying may be an inhibitor to emotional intelligence, both it’s development and maintenance. Workplace bullying is stressful and can lead to self-defensive behaviours. Under stress, our feelings of inferiority increase and we become less aware of our various reaction and behaviour choices. Our flexibility in decision-making declines, while impulsive behaviour increases. We loose the ability to recognise and self manage; to be emotionally intelligent.

If you want a successful and thriving company or organisation, with emotionally intelligent employees, you need to act to prevent workplace bullying.

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